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Biasakanlah memeriksa kredit cards

Biasakanlah memeriksa kredit cards setelah transaksi dan
memastikan nama yang benar.

*SCENE 1:*
Beberapa waktu yang lalu saya pergi ke pizza resto dan membayar pesanan
saya dengan debt card yang tentunya link langsung dengan account saya
(ini sistem baru yang cepat, hanya mendekatkan kartu ke scan reader )
Pemuda di counter kasir menerima card saya, mendekatkannya ke scan
readernya dan meletakkannya dimeja seperti biasa jika menunggu approval
Ketika menunggu itu, ia mengambil hp dan mulai ber sms
Saya kebetulan memakai hp jenis yang sama, dan saya mengenali bunyi klik
seperti pengambilan foto, bukan sms
Ia kemudian mengembalikan kartu saya sambil tetap menekan2 tuts hpnya.
Sementara itu saya menduga duga apa yang difotonya, karena curiga ia mem
foto card saya, saya mulai memperhatikan tiap tindakannya
Ia menaruh HPnya dimeja dalam posisi tetap terbuka dan beberapa detik
kemudian terdengar suara ding seperti picture saved in memory card
Sekarang saya yakin bahwa anak itu mem foto card saya. Dan seandainya HP
saya tidak sama dengan punyanya saya tidak akan tau bahwa ia memfoto card saya

Scanner bisa di akali dengan kode bar yang sama walaupun itu foto atau
print out, asal susunan code bar sama maka transaksi akan diproses

Seorang teman anggota sebuah gym, seperti biasa menaruh bawaannya dalam
locker Setelah exercise, dan mandi, Ia kembali ke ruang loker dan mendapati
lokernya tidak terkunci, Ia berpikir, ah rasanya tadi udah dikunci, atau lupa ya?
Ia memeriksa bawaannya, termasuk dompetnya, ternyata tidak ada yang
hilang, semuanya Oke, termasuk uang cash dan credit cardnya
Beberapa minggu kemudian, tagihan datang dan banyak transaksi kecil yang
jumlahnya akhirnya sangat mengejutkan. ...

Ia menelepon bank dan complain bahwa ia tidak menggunakan sebanyak itu
Petugas customer care memeriksa transaksi dan tidak ada yang salah, dan
menanyakan apakah kartunya mungkin dicuri?

Ia memeriksa dompetnya dan melihat cardnya masih ada, Ia menarik keluar
kartu itu dan.......ternyata itu bukan kartunya
Sebuah kartu kredit expired yang sama
Pencuri menukarnya dari loker gym dan menempatkan card expired yang sama,
atas nama orang lain, yang tidak akan terbaca kalau kita tidak menariknya keluar
dari dompet
Bank tetap menagih jumlah itu karena pemiliknya tidak melaporkan kehilangan
Bank biasanya tidak akan mengkonfirmasi pengguna bila jumlah transaksi

*SCENE 3.*
Seorang pria makan di local resto dan membayar pesanannya dengan credit
card Ia menandatangani bill, pelayang melipat kertas bill dan memberikan
kembali card kepadanya
Biasanya, Ia akan langsung menempatkan card tsb ke dalam dompet tanpa
memeriksanya, namun kali ini, ia melihat card tsb dan mendapati itu card atas nama orang lain

Ia memanggil pelayan itu, sipelayan meminta maaf dan kembali ke counter
kasir, kasir mengambil card tsb, lalu mengambil card yang benar dari kolong counter dan memberikannya
kepada pelayan pelayan kembali ke tamu tsb, meminta maaf dan
berjalan kembali ke kasir, tanpa ada kata kata lain....


How to Win the Inner Game of Life

Last week we explored how to stop robbing our lives of joy. This week, I'm really happy to share something with you from one of the brightest, most exciting new voices I've come across in years. In this article, you're going to discover some of the secrets to living a happy, self-actualised fulfilling life.

A couple of years ago, a friend of mine (Steve P, one of the world's premier hypnotists) recommended I check out a friend of his with the unusual name of Johnny Soporno. It took me nearly two years to get around to it, but when I did, I was blown away. I watched 6 hours of free videos that Johnny had generously made available for download, & was knocked out by the quality of the thinking & mindset he shared. I sent Johnny an email saying how much I appreciated him & what he was doing, & invited him to help himself to anything he wanted from the Salad shop (that's how much I valued what I'd learned).

When Steve P invited me to co-train with him, Johnny & Zan Perrion in Berlin last month, I jumped at the chance, & made some great new friends in the process. Johnny Soporno is one of the happiest, most authentic & generous people I've ever met, so I wanted to introduce him & his ideas to the Salad community. He demonstrates many values that I hold dear, including acceptance, non-judgemental awareness, honesty & love (Johnny is one of the most happily "married" people I know).

But I need to give you a warning - Johnny's ideas are not for everyone. He seems to have cracked the code of why so many people have problems with their relationships & with life in general, but his ideas are the epitome of the term "paradigm-shift".

So without further ado, here's Johnny...

How to Win the "Inner Game" of Life
by Johnny Soporno

"Inner Game" is simply a convenient euphemism for having a "Satisfied Sense-of-Self".

The more richly developed you are AS A PERSON, the less crafty and manipulative you need to be, and the less you need to justify that you DESERVE the 'lifestyle' you have chosen.

Once you wrap your mind around this, everything falls into place: Inner Game isn't something you get taught, it isn't something you study - it's something you must EARN!

The irony is, ONLY YOU can award it to yourself.

This Self-Confidence is like Freedom: You must EARN it - it can't be bought, borrowed, or stolen, nor can it be given away. (When Freedom is GIVEN to you, that's ACTUALLY abandonment. Think about that!)

By earning your OWN respect, and satisfying yourself that you are becoming more fully-realized with each new experience you have, you begin TRULY to like yourself.

We're all looking to live a wealthy life, but there is nothing innately positive about the 'worthless wealthy / playboy' stereotype. Oh, it LOOKS like fun, but it's empty and shallow...

The paradigm I recommend, alternatively, is that of the "Worthy Person", which I elaborate on further now:

To become a 'Worthy Person' you must develop yourself as a Renaissance Man or Woman; you should endeavour to gain a broad-base of knowledge in areas you believe people who'd interest you will be versed. This will help you to remain interesting to them also; as being interesting is INFINITELY more attr@ctive than being 'impressive'.

As a Worthy Person, you should be comfortable and confident enough to carry on conversations with anyone on subjects you have historically known nothing about, by candidly and sincerely encouraging them to share THEIR insights with you.

NEVER FORGET: Everyone's favourite subject is themselves, and NOTHING makes you more attr@ctive to another person than being INTERESTED in what they have to say.

This works for men and women alike - but women are far more impressed when they receive this attention from men (since most men are usually too arrogant to concede they might not know everything.. . Schmucks.)

For men - A Worthy Man is never ashamed of NOT KNOWING, because A) no one can know everything, and B) women will be DELIGHTED that their knowing something you don't isn't intimidating to you - and they will be flattered that you're man-enough to let them teach something to you.

"Know Thyself" said The Oracle, and that was profound advice - FOR SELF-DECEPTION IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL.

Introspectively interrogate yourself to discover WHO YOU ARE as you develop - to ensure you haven't lost sight of yourself.

Once you KNOW who you are, you'll know what you'll do.

IF YOU ONLY DO THE THINGS WHICH MAKE SENSE TO YOU, in which you find yourself BOTH cerebrally and emotionally settled, and where your conscience is unperturbed, YOU'LL BE ACTING WITH 'REASONED CONFIDENCE'.

This is the rational way of leading your life - by following these internal guidlelines, you'll NEVER have reason for regret, and no justification for embarrassment, EVEN if things don't work out immediately! (In such cases, dispassionately step back from the experience, return to the plan to see whether the problem was situational or persistent, and modify as-necessary before trying again.)

By proceeding ONLY with Reasoned Confidence, the only guilt you need EVER feel is the guilt of letting yourself down; the ONLY embarrassment, the embarrassment of making the same mistakes over again; the ONLY regret, the regret of not having come to this epiphany earlier.

Promise yourself regularly, "I will never do anything I wouldn't do" - and keep that promise faithfully - your internal consistency and congruency depends on it. Your ethical system MUST NOT have a 'margin-release key' - that is the road to conscious hypocrisy (See "Self-Deception" above) and is nothing less than personal treason. This doesn't mean one can't attempt new things, by any means - but it does mean that if you KNOW your conscience would object, DON'T ATTEMPT TO OVERRIDE IT!

Explore your world - expand your horizons, develop new friendships with people of high integrity and ethics, and remain true to yourself and your word. Your relationships and your reputation are your strongest weapons in the battle against psychological misery and emotional defeat - make certain they are solid, just, and dependable as best you can.

As you progress, you will become comfortable that ANY PERSON (man or woman) with whom you interact will feel and be better-off for knowing you [even if it's simply because you proved to them that GOOD Men & Women still exist, and find THEM interesting] and that they will feel better about themselves because they've spent time with you.

What could be a more-attr@ctive attribute to have?

Most of all, YOU MUST BECOME SELF-ACTUALIZED - in other words, you need to find your comfort with yourself based on your confidently and successfully following your own path, and NOT narcissistically through the approval of others.

Permitting yourself to be held-back from progressing because you fear the disapproval of people you don't admire is MADNESS!

Lead your own life, and conscientiously ensure you make all your decisions with Reasoned Confidence, and when you are met with disapproving or taunting jibes from 'the peanut gallery' just take note of it -

then DO AS YOU WILL, and watch as your detractors become your admirers. There's no arguing with success.

Good luck to you all,

I hope you find value in this.

Johnny Soporno

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