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Introduction: Winning the Leadership Game

Scour the Internet for online leadership training and you will quickly find slick enticements to "take the next step" toward becoming a great leader.

What isn't stated outright is that each "step" of the executive training will cost you a small fortune to purchase.

The purpose of our Ten Steps to Leadership Development series is to provide a free online leadership training for anyone interested in reaching the top of their game - the leadership game.

The leadership game is not about winning petty office politics. Rather, it's about improving yourself while increasing your overall value to the organization.

Promotions are awarded to those individuals who are smart enough and self disciplined enough to set themselves apart, to rise to a level above their peers.

Make no mistake, leadership development is not realized upon completion of this free online leadership training. Instead, becoming a good leader is an ongoing study based on self-improvement and life experience. There is no end - only new levels of achievement!

The leadership game refers to one's ability to leverage quality leadership tools for maximum results. Quality investments in yourself will enable you to produce improved results, allowing you to position yourself a step ahead of your peers.

Success in the leadership game is determined on your clear understanding of what is within your control, and what is out of your control.

Great leaders do not focus on what they can't control. Examples of circumstances beyond your control (also known as debilitating time- wasters) include, but are not limited to: the weather, economic factors, heavy traffic, life's little curve balls, what others do or think, etc. All of these circumstances can easily get in the way of your focus and energy - IF you allow them to.

Great leaders focus on what they CAN control. They understand that every individual has complete control over their attitude, behavior, thoughts and emotions.

Great leaders do not react, they thoughtfully respond. Winning the leadership game means you are response-ABLE, not reaction-PRONE.

When you react, you may feel emotions of guilt, embarrassment, regret, sadness, nausea, stress, anger, fear; a general feeling of being out of
control. When you thoughtfully respond - you will feel relaxed confident, happy, inner peace, gratitude, higher self-esteem, and a general feeling of being in control.

If you utilize the various tools and resources described throughout the 10 Steps to Leadership Development, you will be well on your way to winning the leadership game.

Leadership tools are critical to our self-improvement and contribute significantly to our overall personal and professional development.

It's important to remember that part of winning the leadership game is knowing when and how to use the proper tools. For instance, have you ever:

* Used a flathead screwdriver when you really needed a philips?
* Used a counter-top edge instead of a bottle opener?
* Used something heavy that was within reach to drive home a nail on the wall, when you really needed a hammer?

The point here is that while you may be able to complete a task with a make-shift tool - the overall quality and efficiency of your work diminishes without the proper tool.

During the Ten Steps to Leadership Development, you will assess your current leadership status. You will realize the benefits of investing in yourself and you will uncover effective leadership tools that will support your ongoing self improvement and leadership development.

The Ten Steps to Leadership Development series, will be your personal coach as you work toward winning the leadership game - and ultimately the game of life.

"If you know what to do to reach your goal, it's not a big enough goal."

Bob Proctor
Author and Speaker

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